Cheers to 6 years!

October 15, 2019

Cheers to 6 years!
The importance of planting trees has been emphasized time and again and what better way to celebrate Double Rule’s 6th anniversary other than taking up the responsibility to build a cleaner and greener environment by planting trees!

We were graced to have a sunny day despite this rainy season last October 12, 2019. The area was mostly full with almost 30 employees (joint participation from Double Rule + JuanTax). The trees even provide respite from the scorching sun and everybody was excited to plant their very own tree. Tree planting is daunting! Take it from us. But hey, it was all worth it. 25 trees were planted in just an hour!

Do you know that cloud computing cause less environmental damage?

1. Less Paper, More Trees

Do you see big piles of invoices, reports, bank statements and documents that is printed and collated that needs to be recorded and kept? Wasted resources. By using a cloud accounting software, our processes are instinctively digital and result in 0 paper usage. Our business documentation are stored online in a secure server (AWS) and does not need to be printed (but can be emailed or reproduced as a PDF file).

By taking care of your accounting tasks online such as invoices, bills, contracts, the list goes on!) electronically, you’ll be saving paper and energy.

2. Online Meetings = Paperless Engagements

Virtual meet-ups reduce commuting and driving emissions. Living in one of the business capital cities of the Philippines, you can only imagine the large number of people commuting every day. This means hours spent on the road, traffic, air pollution and a lot of motor vehicle emissions!

Save yourself and the environment a whole lot of gas, pollution and stress! Share your files online, chat via an app, do a conference meeting and record it for future use – no problem! The time that you would have spent commuting can now be used in growing your business and saving the environment.

3. Fewer machines and less hardware

Constantly updating servers, networks and computer hardware is a whole lot of money and talk about waste generated from disposing your obsolete system. The metals from your discarded computers and chemicals contribute to global warming because it causes air pollution and water contamination.

Migrating to the cloud means that you will be using less efficient hardware since all updates are done online and mostly for free. Cloud computing not only allows you to reduce capital and operational costs but presents an opportunity to reduce harm to Mother Earth.

The act of planting is an act of faith, this is no different than building a company. You take a seed or sprout, plant it in potting soil, and hope for the best. So many variables can influence the eventual outcome, and we have fewer means of control but with great nourishment comes great support to the progress.

For now, it was a fun activity for us to share and from hereon, we, at Double Rule, are looking forward to continuously getting involved in giving back to the community. We take it as an important stride in moving forward and we would love to do this with you!

To our dear clients/customers, please help us spread the camaraderie. Let us start a significant move in social responsibility.

Take that one small step to reducing your carbon footprint. Use cloud accounting and help save the environment – and your books! Send us an email at support@doublerule.com to know more details.